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Returns a link to a given quest in the Quests and Missions archive. Has shorthand template {{Qp}}.

This template will be backed by the Cargo database in the future.


  • 1: Name of the quest.
  • 2: (Optional) Name of the link. Uses the quest name if not given.
  • ym: The start year and month of the quest. If only the year is specified, links to the yearly quest archive page instead.


{{QuestPage|Sacred Seals|ym=May 2017}}

Sacred Seals

{{QuestPage|Sacred Seals|ym=Sep 2017}}

Sacred Seals

{{QuestPage|Sacred Seals|special quests|ym=May 2017}}

special quests

{{QuestPage|GHB Elite II|ym=2018}}

GHB Elite II