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Template-info.svg Documentation

Displays a list of rewards. Unlike templates such as Template:ItemIcon, this template requires the rewards to be defined using the ObjectArg format, which allows other code to parse the rewards easily. Has shorthand template {{Rt}}.

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1: The reward, or list of rewards. If a single reward is specified, it should be a hash in one of the following forms:
    • {hero=;rarity=}: Provide the full name of the Hero and the rewarded rarity. This does not actually define the Hero in the database as available at that rarity.
    • {hero=;fbrank=}: Provide the rank of the Forging Bonds conversation (C / B / A / S) and the full name of the Hero.
    • {seal=}: Provide the name of the Sacred Seal.
    • {accessory=}: Provide the page name of the accessory.
    • {kind=;count=}: Provide the name of the item and the number of items rewarded (defaults to 1 if not given).
If multiple rewards are specified, this parameter should be a list of hashes representing each individual reward. The rewards are displayed as they are specified, without sorting them or merging hashes with identical items into one.
  • size: (Optional) Size of the item icons and Sacred Seal icons. Defaults to x20px.
  • iconfirst: (Optional) If true, displays icons before item counts.
  • or: (Optional) If true, displays / instead of + between reward items, to indicate a selection between items instead of a single reward comprising all items.

Examples[edit source]

{{RewardText|1={seal=Attack/Def +1} }}

Attack Def Plus 1.png Attack/Def +1

{{RewardText|1={kind=R&R Affinity;count=500} }}


{{RewardText|1={kind=R&R Affinity;count=500}|iconfirst=true}}


{{RewardText|1={accessory=Kagami Mochi (accessory)} }}

Accessory Kagami Mochi accessory.pngPane 1.png

  {hero=Marth: Altean Prince;rarity=1};
  {hero=Marth: Altean Prince;rarity=2};
  {hero=Marth: Altean Prince;rarity=3};
  {hero=Marth: Altean Prince;rarity=4};
  {hero=Marth: Altean Prince;rarity=5};
  {kind=Hero Feather;count=20000};
  {hero=Marth: Altean Prince;fbrank=S};

Marth Altean Prince Face FC.webpPane 1.pngMarth Altean Prince Face FC.webpPane 2.pngMarth Altean Prince Face FC.webpPane 3.pngMarth Altean Prince Face FC.webpPane 4.pngMarth Altean Prince Face FC.webpPane 5.png20,000 Marth: Altean Prince's S Conversation

  {kind=Great Scarlet Badge};
  {kind=Scarlet Badge;count=2};

 1 2

  {kind=Scarlet Shard};
  {kind=Azure Shard};
  {kind=Verdant Shard};
  {kind=Transparent Shard};
  {kind=Universal Shard};


This template is a wrapper for the Lua function {{#invoke:RewardText|main}}. It is directly available to other Lua modules as
local RewardText = require 'Module:RewardText'
local result = RewardText._main {arg1, arg2, key = value}
-- the above is equivalent to {{#invoke:RewardText|main|arg1|arg2|key=value}}