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Defines a skill. Also caches the build cost of the skill using Module:SkillCost.

|name=<!-- skill name, defaults to page name -->
|wikiName=<!-- internal name used to disambiguate skills, defaults to name -->
|baseWikiName=<!-- for refined weapons, use this instead of wikiName to evaluate the build cost -->
|groupName=<!-- group name for passive skills, defaults to name -->
|type=<!-- one of weapon, assist, special, passivea, passiveb, passivec, seal, refine -->
|range=<!-- weapon / assist range -->
|icon=<!-- skill icon file name for weapons / passives -->
|refine=<!-- refine path, one of Atk/Spd/Def/Res/Skill1/Skill2 -->
|desc=<!-- skill description -->
|required=<!-- skill prerequisites separated by commas -->
|next=<!-- canonical skill upgrade -->
|promotionRarity=<!-- minimum unit rarity to trigger skill promotion -->
|promotionTier=<!-- skill promotion mode -->
|exclusive=<!-- whether the skill is exclusive -->
|sp=<!-- SP cost / score -->
|canUseMove=<!-- list of move types that can use the skill -->
|canUseWeapon=<!-- list of weapon types that can use the skill -->
|stats=<!-- 5-tuple representing permanent stat gains -->
|mt=<!-- weapon might -->
|effective=<!-- effectiveness tags for weapon skills -->
|cooldown=<!-- Special trigger offset, e.g. 5 for Galeforce, 1 for Blade tomes, -1 for Killer weapons -->
|properties=<!-- list of misc boolean properties -->



  • enemy_only: This skill is only equipped by enemy units.


  • defensive_special: This Special skill is counted by skills like Shield Pulse as a Special triggered by foe's attack.

Random skill pool

  • random_all: This skill may be used as a skill on all randomized units.
  • random_owner: This skill may be used as a skill on randomized Heroes who already own this skill.
  • random_inherit_base: On the 10th Stratum of the Training Tower, this skill may be used as a skill on randomized units if their corresponding units from the base maps equip this skill.

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