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Returns a link to a given skill with its description in a tooltip. Has shorthand template {{Sp}}, and compatibility shorthands {{Wp}}, {{Ap}}, and {{Pp}}.

If multiple skills are found, the one with the highest SP cost is returned. Consider using {{SkillGroupPage}} when the group of skills is important.


  • 1: Page name, displayed name, or internal name of the skill.
  • refine: Refine path, case-insensitive. If given, must be one of Atk, Spd, Def, Res, Skill1, or Skill2; Skill is no longer accepted. If omitted, only unrefined weapons are searched.


Example Result Notes
{{SkillPage|Iron Sword}} Iron Sword
{{SkillPage|Thunder}} Thunder
{{SkillPage|Laevatein}} Laevatein
{{SkillPage|Laevatein (weapon)}} Laevatein
{{SkillPage|Laevatein weapon}} Laevatein
{{SkillPage|Deathly Dagger}} Deathly Dagger
{{SkillPage|Deathly Dagger|refine=Atk}} Deathly Dagger
{{SkillPage|Deathly Dagger|refine=Skill1}} Deathly Dagger
{{SkillPage|Deathly Dagger|refine=Skill99}} Deathly Dagger Produces an edit preview warning
{{SkillPage|Fear+}} Fear+
{{SkillPage|Fear+|refine=Skill2}} Fear+
{{SkillPage|Rally Atk Spd+}} Rally Atk/Spd+
{{SkillPage|Rally Atk/Spd+}} Rally Atk/Spd+
{{SkillPage|Aether}} Aether
{{SkillPage|Sacae's Blessing}} Sacae's Blessing
{{SkillPage|Attack/Def +1}} Attack/Def +1
{{SkillPage|Attack Def +}} Attack/Def +2
{{SkillPage|INVALID'"}} INVALID'" Produces an edit preview warning