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Adds links to the previous and next story segments.

Note that these are specifically links to the next story segment, not just the next map in the map group. Main Story can link to Paralogues or Tempest Trials and vice versa, as various modes have been found to have dialogue that reference the other or establish chronology, proving they are connected (this statement applies to both "serious" and "non-serious" paralogues). See Loki's Flames, The Silver Knight, Death and the Child, Fiery Resolve, or The Orb Case for some examples of this. The chronological placement of some other dialogues like Grand Hero Battles have not been established and are ambiguous, so the template will use the objective metric of release date to avoid any implications.

The next story segment is defined as the map/event with dialogue released after the current one. If two maps/events are released with story dialogue at the same time, use your judgement to decide which one comes first. Often times if a paralogue is released at the same time as something else with story dialogue featuring the same Heroes, the paralogue maps will come first as the dialogue there usually treats it as the first meeting (like Ninian's comment in Sword Demon).

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