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Template-info.svg Documentation
This page is about the unit formatting template. For the UTC datetime formatting template, see Template:HT.

Returns the icon and named link to the page of a Hero or an enemy. Has shorthand template {{Ut}}, and compatibility shorthands {{Ht}} and {{Et}}.

Examples[edit source]

{{UnitText|Alfonse: Prince of Askr}}

Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC.webp Alfonse: Prince of Askr

{{UnitText|Alfonse: Spring Prince}}

Alfonse Spring Prince Face FC.webp Alfonse: Spring Prince

{{UnitText|Surtr: Ruler of Flame}}

Surtr Ruler of Flame Face FC.webp Surtr: Ruler of Flame

{{UnitText|Gustav: Exsanguinator}}

Gustav Exsanguinator Face FC.png Gustav: Exsanguinator

{{UnitText|Red Bow}}

x20px Red Bow



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