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This page is about Tharja: Dark Shadow. For Tharja: "Normal Girl", see Tharja (Winter's Envoy).

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Dark Shadow

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Art by: ZIS
Weapon Type
Icon Class Red Tome.pngRed Tome
Move Type
Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry
Fire Emblem Awakening
Voice Actor EN
Release Date
February 2, 2017
A mage from Plegia with a dark side and a possessive streak, especially with Robin.
― In-game Hero description


All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works.

Base Stats

4Icon Rarity 4.png15/16/177/8/97/8/94/5/63/4/541
5Icon Rarity 5.png16/17/187/8/97/8/95/6/74/5/644

Max Stats

4Icon Rarity 4.png33/36/3927/30/3329/32/3518/21/2415/18/21137
5Icon Rarity 5.png35/39/4229/32/3531/34/3720/23/2617/20/23147~148

Growth Points

This set of values determines how much each stat will increase from level 1 to level 40, see stat growth.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Skill Weapon.pngWeapons[edit | edit source]

NameMightRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Rauðrblade92Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1).
Adds total bonuses on unit to damage dealt.
2004Icon Rarity 4.png-
Rauðrblade+132Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1).
Adds total bonuses on unit to damage dealt.
3005Icon Rarity 5.png5Icon Rarity 5.png

Icon Skill Assist.pngAssists[edit | edit source]

This hero has no Assist skills.

Icon Skill Special.pngSpecials[edit | edit source]

NameCooldownEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Retribution3Grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 30% of damage suffered.1004Icon Rarity 4.png-
Vengeance3Grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 50% of damage suffered.200-4Icon Rarity 4.png

Icon Skill Passive.pngPassives[edit | edit source]

NameEffectSP CostUnlockType
Darting Blow 1Grants Spd+2 during combat if unit initiates the attack.50-A
Darting Blow 2Grants Spd+4 during combat if unit initiates the attack.100-
Darting Blow 3Grants Spd+6 during combat if unit initiates the attack.2004Icon Rarity 4.png
Spur Res 1Grants adjacent allies Res+2 during combat.50-C
Spur Res 2Grants adjacent allies Res+3 during combat.1004Icon Rarity 4.png
Spur Res 3Grants adjacent allies Res+4 during combat.2005Icon Rarity 5.png

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