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These skill build pages meant to be used for general skill insight. As these pages are new and still in their infant stages, any suggestions and contributions to improve them are welcome. Feedback can be left on the Skill Build Page Feedback page.

Heroes with builds using this skill[edit source]

Submitted builds which use this skill[edit source]

User Submitted Builds
Below are all user-submitted builds. The quality of these builds may vary wildly. Please use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
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48 Res that won't be demolished by lightning breath and punishes blade users? Yes, please.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Shard.png Low investment
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Weapon: Icon Skill Weapon.png The Cleaner+ is Legault's default weapon. It inflicts a total of -7 to the defense and resistance stats on the enemy team after combat, levelling the playing field and leaving the enemy team wide open to future attacks.

Assist: Icon Skill Assist.png Draw Back is recommended for this build, as Legault, with his low defense and resistance, is extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks. Draw Back has the potential to get him out of enemy range, as well as his allies.

Special: Icon Skill Special.png Glimmer is the Special that Legault comes with by default: with his high base attack, he is able to easily rip through his enemies once it triggers. His high base speed allows him to double a majority of enemies as well, making Glimmer an excellent Special to have with its fast charge.

A Passive: Swift Strike 2.png Swift Strike 2 is Legault's A skill. Attacking upon initiation all but cements doubles for him, making it an excellent budget skill to have. Another budget option is Life and Death 3, as it increases Legault's lethality and ability to double.

B Passive: Desperation 3.png Desperation 3 is an option for Legault's B skill. His low defense and resistance means he will inevitably take extreme damage from enemies, further exemplified if his A skill is replaced with Life and Death. Once his HP is low enough, however, Desperation triggers, changing the attack order and allowing Legault to safely attack without fear of retaliation. Ultimately, this skill slot is flexible and can be replaced with whatever that the player needs.

C Passive: Atk Tactic 3.png Atk Tactic 3 is Legault's C skill. It provides an astounding +6 to surrounding allies' attack stat and, combined with his weapon, can quickly turn the tide of the battle, making him an excellent debuffer and support unit.

Sacred Seal: Attack Plus 3.png Attack +3 is an option for Legault's Seal, as it adds to his high base attack, increasing his lethality. Ultimately, this skill slot is flexible and can be replaced with whatever that the player needs.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Dueling Crest.png Arena
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
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Legault's role was pretty much defined the moment his unique dagger's description was written: blade counter. As popular as blade tomes have become in arena, there was no solid way to counter them until now.

Icon Skill Weapon.png The Cleaner+ comes with Legault naturally, and is what his builds are centered around. It adds all bonuses on your target to his damage dealt, so each attack can feasibly take down some of these blade users with one hit, depending on how highly fortified/honed they are.

Icon Skill Special.png Glimmer is Legault's special by design and works insanely well with Icon Skill Weapon.png The Cleaner+. You want to focus on low charge specials anyway, considering Legault cannot take more than one hit in a row.

Death Blow 3.png Death Blow 3 is a good choice for him since this build is centered around single hits without retaliation. His Speed ought to be high enough to activate his next skill, but with bridal bonds still available Atk Spd Bond 3.png Atk/Spd Bond 3 is always a great choice, too.

Watersweep 3.png Watersweep 3 is a must. As a blade counter, you need to ensure he doesn't get hit, considering how highly buffed his targets will be. But in certain circumstances, the bonus damage awarded by Icon Skill Weapon.png The Cleaner+ will be enough to OHKO bladers (as most mages have low Def), so use your own discretion.

Atk Smoke 3.png Atk Smoke 3 is always a good bet, reducing the next enemy's damage potential.

Distant Def 3.png Distant Def 3 is the most effective seal for Legault, helping his survival potential on enemy phase. Combined with Atk Smoke 3.png Atk Smoke 3 he will stand a much better chance at making it to turn 2.