The Next Update Is On Its Way! (2.8.0) (Notification)

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The Next Update Is On Its Way!

Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game! Here's an update from the Fire Emblem Heroes development team.

We would like to introduce the new features and changes planned for the Ver. 2.8.0 update, which is scheduled for release in early August.

・ The Arena will be updated.
・ New weapons to refine will be added.
・ Blessed Gardens will be expanded.
・ The functionality of the Allies menu will be improved.

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Here are the major changes and new features planned for the next version update, scheduled for early August.

■ Arena Updates

A new tier, Great Summoner, will be added to the Arena.

Only a select number of users who have reached the current highest tier, Tier 20: First Dragons, can be promoted to this special new tier.

Upon becoming a Great Summoner, you will be able to receive slightly better rewards than are available at Tier 20: First Dragons. Additionally, the tier number will change to a crown mark, and the number of seasons that you have achieved the Great Summoner tier will be displayed next to that mark.

News Great Summoner.png

With the addition of the Great Summoner tier, the Arena's tier promotion and demotion conditions and rewards are as follows:

If you are confident in your Arena skills, aim for the top and try to reach the Great Summoner tier.

But that's not all that's been added to the Arena for this update! You will now receive a three-point score bonus when you defeat enemies with Bonus Heroes. Use Bonus Heroes to defeat enemies and try to earn a high score!

These updates will be applied as of the Arena season starting on . Note that the Great Summoner tier will debut on

■ New Weapons to Refine

The following weapon skills can now be strengthened with Arena Medals and Divine Dew for added effects:

Icon Class Red Sword.pngFólkvangr
Hero who can learn this skill: Alfonse: Prince of Askr

Icon Class Blue Lance.pngFensalir
Hero who can learn this skill: Sharena: Princess of Askr

Icon Class Green Axe.pngNóatún
Hero who can learn this skill: Anna: Commander

To access the Weapon Refinery, after clearing Book I, Chapter 13 in the main story, you must clear the second Intermission map, The Rite of Blades.

■ Grounds Added to Blessed Gardens

After , Grounds maps will be added to Blessed Gardens.

Like in Squad Assault, in the Grounds you will fight using multiple teams. Heroes who have fought once cannot fight in successive maps (even if you have multiples of the same Hero, none of them will be able to fight).

■ Allies Menu Improvements

Skill Sets Added

To make it easier to swap out skills based on the situation, we have added a feature that allows you to save skill sets, which include a Hero's equipped skills and Sacred Seals.

Under Edit/Equip Skill Sets, you can create up to five skill sets for each ally. You can also name each skill set.

Here's an example of two different skill sets for Effie. One is for an armored unit team, and the other is for Grand Conquests:

Using the Equip Skill Sets menu option, you can change skill sets for your team or brigade all at once, but you can also freely select up to 20 allies to change at once.

Whatever allies you have selected, you can change them from the currently selected skill set to any one of their five skill sets. Since each skill set will be applied to multiple Heroes at once, be aware of the following points:

・ Try to use common rules for all of your Heroes when creating skill sets.
・ We recommend using highly universal concepts for your skill sets (such as movement types, or battle modes like Arena or Grand Conquests).
・ If you are unsure how to start, you can start by saving the skills for the team you are currently using.

・ It is possible to use the option Equip Skill Sets for Heroes who do not have any set Skill Sets, but in this case, their equipped skills will not change.
・ If you attempt to equip the same Sacred Seal on multiple allies, it will be equipped to the one closer to the front (closer to the leftmost position within a team, or closer to the top within a brigade).
Example: If you attempted to equip Armored Boots to all four armored Heroes in a team, this seal will only be equipped to the Hero in the leftmost position within the team.

〇 Update to Favorites

On the Edit Team screen, you can now specify multiple favorite marks, which will now reflect priority:

News Favorite Marks 1.png

Use this feature when you want to sort your allies with multiple favorite marks by level or attack power.

If Sort by Number is disabled when you have specified multiple favorite marks, Heroes will cease to be sorted by favorite mark number (multiple favorite marks will be treated as one type).

〇 More Teams and Brigades

We have increased the number of teams that can be saved from 10 to 15, as well as the number of brigades that can be saved from five to eight.

■ Other Changes

・ The consecutive victory check box is back in the Arena, making it easier to tell how many times in a row you have won.
・ Added a Speed option to Tap Battle Settings. You can now play at up to 3x speed.
・ You will now receive experience, SP, and Hero Merit in Rival Domains and Grand Conquests. Also, Ally Support and Summoner Support will now increase as well.
・ When you select a summoning stone during a summoning event, the weapon types of Heroes who can be summoned using that stone will be displayed as icons.
・ The in-game display showing how many Orbs you own is currently only able to display up to three digits; it will be changed to display up to four digits.

That's it for the new update!

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes.