The Sworn Oath

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The Sworn Oath
Forging Bonds The Sworn Oath.png
Event Characters Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall Hríd: Icy Blade Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams Fjorm: Princess of Ice
Bonus Accessories Accessory Tacticians Hat EX.png Accessory Plegian Crown EX.png Accessory Wings of Darkness EX.png Accessory Explorers Hat EX.png Accessory Star of Nifl.png Accessory Crown of Nifl.png Accessory Frostflower Band.png Accessory Chilly Tiara.png
Dueling Desires

Availability[edit | edit source]

This event was made available:

Unique rewards[edit | edit source]

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Red Friendship.png Orange Friendship.png Green Friendship.png Blue Friendship.png
Conversation Ylgr's C conversation Hríd's C conversation Gunnthrá's C conversation Fjorm's C conversation
Ylgr's B conversation Hríd's B conversation Gunnthrá's B conversation Fjorm's B conversation
Ylgr's A conversation Hríd's A conversation Gunnthrá's A conversation Fjorm's A conversation
Ylgr's S conversation Hríd's S conversation Gunnthrá's S conversation Fjorm's S conversation
Accessory Accessory Star of Nifl.png Accessory Crown of Nifl.png Accessory Frostflower Band.png Accessory Chilly Tiara.png
Accessory EX Accessory Star of Nifl EX.png Accessory Crown of Nifl EX.png Accessory Frostflower Band EX.png Accessory Chilly Tiara EX.png

Bonus schedule[edit | edit source]

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Special conversations[edit | edit source]

The Sworn Oath - Opening[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Good morning, Gunnthrá... *yawn*

You're up rather early, little sister.
Did you have a bad dream?

Not bad just...strange.
I was with you, Fjorm, and Hríd... It
was night, and we were in a forest
around a fire...
And there was someone else there.
Someone I didn't recognize. They
were wearing a hood...

Oh! Together around a campfire.
That sounds like fun. But who could
the mysterious stranger be?

I don't know. They were watching us.
It wasn't scary, but it wasn't exactly
normal either.

I you have the same
power over dreams that I do?
That person... They might be
important to us sometime in the
Do you think so? If I dream of them
again...I'll ask them!

Morning tidings, Gunnthrá...and Ylgr,
I see.

Oh, Hríd! Good morning! And you
too, Fjorm!
Now, this is strange. This early,
you're usually still asleep!

I need to speak with you, Gunnthrá. It
seems that our worries have become
reality, my sister.
Surtr is coming, with the Fiery Hordes
of Múspell at his back.
Oh no! I had hoped that this was
nothing more than a silly fear of
mine... What will this mean for Nifl?
Does this mean there will be a
war, Hríd?

You mustn't worry, Ylgr. We are
protected by Nifl, the dragon of ice.

Our country is ringed by snowcapped
mountains. They have repelled
invaders for thousands of years.
Really? Then we have nothing to
worry about. Right?

You must pray, Ylgr. Pray for the
people of Nifl. Pray for our family.
Pray for peace.

Of course! I'll do whatever you need
me to do. Tell me how I can help!

I hope that this storm passes
harmlessly by... But I... I...


Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

So...soft. Mmm... I dreaming?
Wait a minute! I remember you!
You've been showing up in my
dreams lately.
Who are you? You're not from Nifl.
You're a good person, though. I can
How can I be so sure?
I can just tell. Your's the
warmth of the sun...
I don't know what it is, but I feel safe
when you're around.
It's almost like you're one of us...
like you're part of the family.
I'm Ylgr, the youngest princess of
Nifl. Tell me your name.
Hmmm... [Summoner]...
I see.
Visit me again, OK? I don't know
anything about you yet!
Next time, we need to talk.
Really talk. OK?

Nameplate Text


Hríd: Icy Blade - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

This's so strange. Am I
Who's there? That hood...
You're the same person who
appeared in Ylgr's dream, aren't you?
Dream though this may be, this
meeting may be significant.
I am Hríd, Prince of Nifl. Would you
tell me your name?
So it's [Summoner], is it?
This may be our first meeting, yet
you are so familiar to me...
I feel there must be some connection
between us... Yes, I feel I already
know you. You seem to know me!

Nameplate Text


Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Gunnthrá...tonight is the night, isn't
it? For the Rite of Dreams...

Yes. I have gone to the temple and
offered my prayers to Nifl, the dragon
of ice.

I really want to know about this
person you're going to meet in your
When I wake up, I forget almost
everything! But with your powers,
you should be able to remember.
I'm jealous! That sounds wonderful...

The Rite of Dreams has always been
connected to the fate of Nifl...
I hope you learn much that may
help us.

Good luck!

Thank you, Ylgr.
Perhaps the person you have been
speaking to the same person I am
fated to meet...

I will pray for your success, my sister.

Thank you, Fjorm. I look forward to
this meeting...with the one my fate
is bound to.

Fjorm: Princess of Ice - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Ah... Aagh!
So hot...burning... Aaagh!
An ocean of flames? Where am I?
Hah-hah-hah! Weaklings, all of you,
fit only to burn!
Hríd! Gunnthrá! Fjorm! Help!
Ylgr? Hríd, Gunnthrá! Where are
Hah-hah-hah! Feel my flames devour
you...devour your very souls!
How can you be so cruel? To laugh
in the faces of your victims! Are you
a man or a devil?
The weak are slaughtered. That is the
proper order. It is your turn to burn! I
will char your bones till they are ash!

No you don't!
Not if we can help it!

Who are—

We must save princess Fjorm!
Your orders, [Summoner]?

You're here to save me? Just who
are you?

The Sworn Oath - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Fjorm...I see that you are training
diligently. Please...don't overdo it.

I'm fine, Gunnthrá. I know my limits.
I must be sure that when the time
comes, I am ready.
What about you, my sister? You
have performed the Rite of Dreams
many times. Are you not overtaxed?
I am fine, Fjorm. though I do
appreciate your concern.
I am uneasy, my sister. And so,
as long as I remain safe...I must continue
the rite. For the future of Nifl...
I see. I hope that your anxieties are
misplaced, but...I understand.

Through dreams, I can meet with one
who plays a large part in our fate.
If the rite is successful, I just know
that I am doing what I can to help
Nifl find a bright future.
I am no warrior. This is all I can do.

That isn't true! Your magic is without
equal. I could certainly not defeat
I am not so sure about that, my sister.
I have seen your strength grow.
Remember, I have been watching
over you since you were little...
I know you will do your best to
protect Nifl and its people. I want
to see you succeed, Fjorm.

I will do everything I can.

Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Oh, good. You're back!
Hey, [Summoner]...
It's really odd. I know I've heard
that name before, but when I wake
up, I can't remember it.
Even if I try really hard to hang on to
the memory, my dreams always fade
My sister Gunnthrá is different.
Thanks to the rite she performs, she
remembers her dreams, but I can't.
But when you came back to me, I
could remember your name. That's
enough to make me happy.
It's weird. Just being next to you fills
me with warmth.
Here, take my hand...
Yup. I can feel the warmth of your body
spreading through me.
You ARE like the sun.
I know you'll keep me safe and warm,
if I just stay with you...
The world...feels like it's coming
apart. And I'm going to wake up
So I hope that I can remember you
Even after I wake up.

Nameplate Text


Hríd: Icy Blade - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Hello, [Summoner].
It seems that dreams must be our
only meeting place.
It's strange—I can't recall a thing
about you when I wake. But when I
dream, it all comes rushing back.
It seems I lack my sister Gunnthrá's
power over dreams.
I apologize if I was curt
with you before. My country is heading for
calamity. I am ill at ease.
You seem so calm. Perhaps your
realm does not know war...
No, I see that I am wrong. You do
know the way of battle.
No matter the world, it seems that
no one can escape conflict.
The people of Nifl, my realm...they do
not stoke the flames of war.
You see, we do not seek conflict—
because we are not willing to lose a
single life. Not one.

Nameplate Text


Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

I...where am I? This realm...
Oh! It's you. I am so very pleased to
meet you.
I am the eldest princess of Nifl, the
Kingdom of Ice. My name is Gunnthrá.
Thanks to a very ancient rite...I am
able to speak to you in dreams.
This is my dream...but it is also your
dream, isn't it?
You're somewhere totally different
than I am, aren't you? It's not Nifl.
I can see you so clearly...
The features if your face, the clothes
you wear... I can see it all.
I must thank you. You heard my call,
and you responded.
From now on, no one else will
appear in my dreams...
We...must part...

Nameplate Text


Fjorm: Princess of Ice - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Can we talk, Ylgr?

Sure thing, Fjorm. Do you need
something? Whatever it is, just let me

I want to ask you about that dream
you mentioned.

My mysterious stranger?

Yes, exactly. You said they were with
us in the dream. I want to know who
they are.

We've talked many times in my
dreams...but when I wake up, I
can never remember anything.
Since that first dream we've spoken
several times. But I still have no idea
who I'm talking to!
Why do you want to know? Did you
have a dream too?

Yes, I did. It was very strange. And I
can barely remember a thing about
Someone saved me from terrible
danger. That's really all I can

That sounds scary! If you like, I can
sleep with you tonight. That should help.
I appreciate the offer, Sister, but I
think I shall be fine.

Maybe your mysterious stranger and
my mysterious stranger...are the

Yes... Gunnthrá has more power over
dreams than we do. Maybe she
knows this person's identity.
Their fate may be closely twined with
that of Nifl.

The Sworn Oath - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Training went well today, Brother.

Yes. The soldiers are
making progress, day by day...
My concern is that we have lived
peaceful lives for so long that our
instinct for battle has atrophied.
I worry that we cannot make up for

Can I ask you a question, Hríd?

Why did I give you Leiptr?

Yes. The Lance of Ice... It had
remained concealed until now...and
so had all of its divine power.
Shouldn't you be the one to wield it?

I have not changed my mind, Fjorm.
The one who must wield Leiptr is
Yet when we spar, I never win...

It is true that if you compare our raw
fighting skill, I am above you.
But your will is unbreakable, like a
wall of solid ice.

You think so? Truly?

Have you ever given up, after the
many times I have bested you?
You have never skipped a day of
training. Your aim is still to win.
No matter the odds you face, you
never falter...even in the face of
Surtr's flames, I'd wager.
Your will is unwavering. Your focus
is on winning.


Fjorm, if something does happen to
me, please...protect mother and our
What? No! I— Nothing like that will
happen, Hríd! Why... Why would you
say that?

Calm yourself, Sister. How could I
not say it?
I have no intention of dying. Until
Nifl is safe, I will do all that I can to

On that we can agree, my brother.

Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

I can't remember your name when I
wake up. It's SO frustrating!
I always remember that I met
somebody but not who.
In Nifl, it's always snowing...and the
sun doesn't come out very often.
Just seeing the sun makes me happy.
And when I see you, I'm as happy as
if I'd seen the sun. Hee-hee.
Why don't I go somewhere warm?
You're right. I would like to go
somewhere sunny. I read about a
tropical island once in a book...
I'd like to go lots of places. I want to
travel to different realms and meet
all kinds of people!
Right now, Nifl and Múspell are at
But there must be someone in
Múspell who I could make friends
I wish people could just get along.
I wish everyone could live without a
care... You do too, don't you?
We could live lives of happiness—all
of us. That's what I want.

Nameplate Text


Hríd: Icy Blade - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

It has been some time since last we
spoke, [Summoner].
It's appear to me when I
am troubled.
King Surtr of Múspell has invaded.
I am unsure if Nifl has the power to
stop him.
I carry the weight of it all—the future
of Nifl and that of my family.
In truth, I do not believe we have the
power to stop Surtr, no matter how
we prepare.
When I wake, I will go back to my,
responsibilities. I must keep morale
It is only here that I can reveal my
misgivings about our chances.
When I am with you, I cannot keep
my emotions contained.
Is it because this is a dream? Or do
you draw them out of me?
There must be some reason that you
have appeared before me.
Whatever that reason is, I have no
doubt that Nifl's fate hinges on it.

Nameplate Text


Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

There you are...
I had so hoped we would meet again
in our dreams.
I can sense a great power in you. It's
very different than any in Nifl.
We're speaking together now...but
that doesn't mean our "now" is the
Past, present, and future... You can
speak to me across time, or so I
Right now, our kingdom, Nifl, is in
great peril.
But you know our fate, don't you?
If you can help me make that future
a good one...
Well, I would give anything for that.
I would entrust our very fate to you.
Please, lead them all—everyone I care
about. My brother, my sisters, my
mother... Please.
That is what I would ask of you.
Please...bring light... Nifl...

Nameplate Text


Fjorm: Princess of Ice - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

So you've been having unusual
dreams too?

I have. In them, I'm deep
in discussion with...someone. About the
future of Nifl, I believe.
But when I wake...I cannot remember
a word. It all disappears, as if into

It's the same with me. I feel that
these dreams are important, but I
can't recall them...

I asked Gunnthrá about this. She
believes we may possess a fragment
of her power over dreams.
The dreams she believes, may
offer hints of Nifl's future.

So it stands to reason that the person
we meet is important to the fate of
Múspell may invade any day now.
Perhaps as soon as tomorrow.
The dreams may be a warning of
imminent crisis.

Dreams are dreams. They cannot
change reality. We can ponder
their significance, but...
We have no choice but to prepare
for battle here, in the real world.

You're right, of course. It is our job
to secure the future of Nifl and its

The Sworn Oath - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Our scouts have reported back.
Múspell's army, led by Surtr is
advancing toward the capital.
The time has finally come.
Their army is much bigger than ours,
isn't it? And Surtr...he terrifies me.

On his march, he has already burnt
villages to ash.
They're gone now...
I cannot stand for this any longer!
Let's face them, Brother!
Ylgr: Can we win? Surtr's undying flame...
There's nothing we can do about it!

Nifl, the dragon if ice, will protect us.
Do not be afraid, Ylgr.

We must protect this land and its
people—no matter what. It is our
family's duty as Nifl's royalty.
Gunnthrá, Fjorm, Ylgr...grasp my hand
in yours. Let us make an oath here
and now.

Yes! A sacred vow, as our family has
done since ancient times!

Nifl, ice dragon... We are your
We now swear an oath. We will give
all we have to be victorious and to
protect the people of Nifl!

For the sake of the people, we swear!

For peace, we swear!

For our future, we swear!

It is done. If we combine our
strength, we will succeed.
And our mysterious stranger, whom I
met in a dream... They will lend us
strength too.

It is time. For the future of Nifl, we
must win this fight!

Whatever I can do, I will!
Whatever lays before us, may Nifl's
protection be with us all—always!

Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Tell me what to do,
My brother and sister keep trying to
convince me things will be OK, but
I'm worried.
You're trying to cheer me up, aren't
you? Thanks.
You asked me if I wanted to go
somewhere warm. I remembered that
even after I woke up...
I already have somewhere
home. My family. My mother,
Gunnthrá, Fjorm, and Hríd...
Even if we're buried in snow, I'll still
have that warmth inside of me as
long as we're together.
And I'd like to be with you too. In
real life, I mean. Not just in a dream.
Maybe I will be able to meet you. I
hope it's soon.
I'll be able to introduce you to
everyone. They all mean so much to
Promise me that we'll meet one day.
And when we do...we'll smile.
Together. OK?

Nameplate Text


Hríd: Icy Blade - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Yet again we meet,
I am glad of it. This may be the last
time we can meet like this.
Surtr has invaded. Tomorrow, I head
to the battlefield.
The difference in power between our
forces is stark. But if we can strike
Surtr down, Nifl may survive...
Even if it means my life, I intend to
defeat that man.
I would gladly give my life to protect
the people of Nifl.
Everything is in motion... I have given
Fjorm Leiptr, the Lance of Ice.
Should something happen to me,
my sisters are prepared to lead Nifl.
You're shaking your head...
Don't throw your life away, you
But what if I have no choice?
I must protect my family. To do that,
I would die without hesitation.
If we join our strength, then none of
us need die? You have a point.
Till now, I have only thought about
how I might protect them...but that
is not the only path.
Thank you, [Summoner].
You have eased my fears.
Because the Kingdom of Nifl must
continue, I need to survive.
I hope that we may meet one day,
out there in the world.
The possibility may be remote, but...
if I do meet you amid the flames of
battle, lend me your strength.
I say this though I am certain I will
forget it once I wake...
Some part of me, deep in my soul,
will recall these moments. I very
much want to believe that.
I will do my utmost to survive, as
you ask.
And my sisters and I will clear a
path for Nifl's future.

Nameplate Text


Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

How many times have we met in dreams in
like this?
To you, I am one of many who vies
for your attention from all the
And yet among thousands, you chose
I cling to that shining thread, that
miraculous possibility that binds us
We will meet here one day, in Nifl.
To prepare for that day, I need your
name, which will be inscribed in our
It's [Summoner]?
Yes, [Summoner]...
I will not forget your name. We are
tied together, you and I.
When we meet, I will give you all that
I have to give, and you will clear the
path to the future for us.
That is what I believe.
No matter what awaits me...I look
forward to the day we can finally
meet, [Summoner].

Nameplate Text


Fjorm: Princess of Ice - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

I feel...strange. Am I dreaming?
I...can remember you. Yes, know you
Tell me—what connection do you
have to the future of Nifl?
Will we meet one day?

Yes. You will meet.

I remember you! I remember all of
you... You saved me once—in a

Princess Fjorm, the road ahead is
full of both greetings and partings.

And we may not be able to see
the future from where we stand now.

What are you trying to tell me—tell

The future has not been written. We
cannot yet know how our paths will

There is one thing that is certain,
however. We are your allies. No
matter what happens, do not give up.

When we finally meet, we will give
you all of the help we can. Please,
don't forget that!

These dreams...they are not
It seems that you have brought me
allies and that you will bring me
Thank you, [Summoner].
Even if fate dictates that Múspell's
fury will ravage this land...I will not
lose heart.
If I wake now, I will surely forget this
dream. But your words will remain a part of me.
I will not bend. I will stand up to fate
and move forward on my path.
I have to believe that hope exists,
even if I must find it beyond the
snow-dusted plains of my home...

Hríd: Icy Blade

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 遠き日の誓い
German Geschworener Eid
Spanish (Europe) Promesa a Nifl
Spanish (Latin America) Promesa a Nifl
French Le serment
Italian Il giuramento
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 悠遠的誓言

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