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Twitter Quiz (Event)

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Active: March 18, 2017 at 7:00 AM to April 2, 2017 6:59 at AM UTC.

A Fire Emblem Heroes quiz was held on the official Japanese twitter. A question was posted each day, and for every correct answer the community was awarded with Orbs Orb.png and Hero Feathers Hero Feather.png.

Quiz[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Question translations Answers JP Twitter Fan Translation
Normal 1 What is the name of Askr Kingdom's Special Force? 1. Weissritter
2. Shepherds
3. Order of Heroes Green check.svg
4. Sable Order
Tweet Tweet
Normal 2 What kind of unit is a bow effective against? 1. Cavalry
2. Infantry
3. Armored
4. Flier Green check.svg
Tweet Tweet
Normal 3 Which of the following is effective against an axe user? 1. Blue Lance
2. Red Tome Green check.svg
3. Colorless Dagger
4. Green Tome
Tweet Tweet
Normal 4 In Fire Emblem Heroes which unit is unable to move across forests? 1. Infantry
2. Armored
3. Cavalry Green check.svg
4. Flier
Tweet Tweet
Normal 5 In Fire Emblem Heroes how much does your speed need to be over your foe's speed for a follow-up?
*Skills not considered
1. 1
2. 3
3. 5 Green check.svg
4. 7
Tweet Tweet
Hard 1 In Fire Emblem Heroes who uses the weapon Nóatún? 1. Alfonse
2. Sharena
3. Veronica
4. Anna Green check.svg
Tweet Tweet
Hard 2 In Fire Emblem Heroes which special can attack within an area? 1. Bonfire
2. Glimmer
3. Draconic Aura
4. Rising Flame Green check.svg
Tweet Tweet
Hard 3 What is the Japanese release date for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light? 1. 7/15/1983
2. 2/21/1986
3. 4/20/1990 Green check.svg
4. 3/14/1992
Tweet Tweet
Hard 4 I am the daughter of Count Reglay of Etruria. I look up to my older brother. Who am I? 1. Lachesis
2. Elise
3. Eirika
4. Clarine Green check.svg
Tweet Tweet
Hard 5 In Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, where does chapter 21 take place? 1. Demon's Falls
2. Flame Barrel
3. Marhaut Mountains
4. Neleras Peak
Tweet Tweet
Lunatic 1 Who among these heroes was called a monster? 1. Seliph
2. Roy
3. Marth Green check.svg
4. Eliwood
Tweet Tweet
Lunatic 2 In Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Tiki cannot transform into which of these? 1. Wyvern
2. Mage Dragon
3. Ice Dragon
4. Earth Dragon Green check.svg
Tweet Tweet
Lunatic 3 Which of the following characters is a king? 1. Vigarde
2. Arvis
3. Zephiel Green check.svg
4. Sanaki
Tweet Tweet
Lunatic 4 Which Fire Emblem game did not have a secret shop? 1. Thracia 776
2. The Blazing Blade
3. Path of Radiance Green check.svg
4. Mystery of the Emblem
Tweet Tweet
Lunatic 5 In Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem how many star shards are found inside chests? 1. 2 Green check.svg
2. 3
3. 4
4. 5
Tweet Tweet

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The rewards were distributed on April 7, 2017 at 7:00 AM UTC as a special one-time log-in bonus.

Difficulty Rewards
Normal 1 Orb.png
Hard 500 Hero Feather.png
Lunatic 1 Orb.png & 500 Hero Feather.png
Total 10 Orb.png & 5000 Hero Feather.png

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