Update: Issue Found in Ver. 3.5.0 (Notification)

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Update: Issue Found in Ver. 3.5.0
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Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game!

The following is an update regarding the issue with Aether Raids occurring in Ver. 3.5.0.

■ Investigation Results
Our investigation has revealed that this issue occurs due to opponent data not being obtained correctly for Aether Raids Rematch battles in Ver. 3.5.0.

■ Suspension of the Rematch Feature
To prevent the effects of this issue from spreading, the Rematch feature was temporarily suspended at

Currently, after Defense Results are displayed and a player selects Rematch, then Proceed, a battle does not start and the "No opponents found." error message appears.

■ Planned Resolution
We are currently creating and testing Ver. 3.5.1 which will resolve this issue. We aim to release Ver. 3.5.1 by the time the next season of Aether Raids begins on . Players can then participate without encountering this issue.

To thank you for your patience, after the release of Ver. 3.5.1 all players will receive 10 Orbs and 100 Heroic Grails.

Additionally, since it would be difficult to reset battle results and Lift values in a way that would satisfy every player, for this season, Tiers will change and rank and tier rewards will be distributed in the same manner as previous seasons.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes!