Updates for April and Beyond (Notification)

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Thank you for playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Here's an update from the Fire Emblem Heroes development team:

We'd like to introduce some of the content planned for future updates.

The April Update
Inherit Skill and Merge Allies: Changes Coming
It will become possible to inherit skills that were previously inherited when using Merge Allies.

For example, let's say Marth has inherited the Special Skill Sol. If this Marth that inherited Sol is used as the source character for Merge Allies, the target Marth will also inherit Sol.

In this example, if you performed this action in the current version of the game, Sol would be lost.

Hero Merit
Heroes that take part in battles will earn Hero Merit, or HM.

Once a Hero has earned enough Hero Merit, you can acquire Hero Feathers.

Please note: Duplicate Heroes will share their Hero Merit.

New Rules for Combat
Two new rule sets for battle will be added:

  • Defense: Clear the map by defending against enemy attacks for a set number of turns.
  • Reinforcement: Enemy reinforcements will appear on the map.

Adjustments to Arena Scores and Matchmaking
Changes are coming to how the game handles Arena scores and matchmaking conditions.

Currently, players are matched based on the total base stats of their characters. In the future, matchmaking will be based on a combination of the four values listed below:

  1. Character levels and ★ rating.
  2. Number of bonuses gained by using Merge Allies.
  3. Total base stats after removing the effects from all skills, including Weapon skills.
  4. Equipped skills.

This change will help better match players with opponents of similar strength. It will also slightly increase the score you can obtain on all difficulty settings.

Bonus Hero Descriptions in the Arena
When you tap on a Bonus Hero in the Arena, a description of the character will appear.

Notification Display Adjustment
Notifications will be displayed automatically only once a day, and then not pop up again until the next day. A new day begins in Fire Emblem Heroes at 7:00 AM UTC.

A New Way to Expand Your Heroes' Abilities
We have plans to add a new equippable item that slightly expands Hero abilities. Look forward to more details about this new feature in the days to come.

Upcoming Grand Hero Battles
Here are the Grand Hero Battles planned up through the end of May:

Future Plans
We're currently hard at work developing a new in-game event. Since many of the details aren't set stone in yet, there's not much we can share at this time, but this new event will require tactical thinking...since you won't be able to revive allies who fall during the battle.

The goal of this new event is to provide the thrilling play experiences the Fire Emblem series is famous for in a way both series fans and newcomers can enjoy.

In the current plan, you will gain battle achievement evaluations that will earn you special rewards.

Don't worry! You won't permanently lose any allies that are defeated while playing this event. We'll share more information about this event as soon as we can. Please look forward to it.

That's all for now! We appreciate your continued support of Fire Emblem Heroes.