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Blue Crow

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Art by: Kotobuki Tsukasa (ことぶきつかさ)
Weapon Type
Blue TomeBlue Tome
Move Type
Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry
Appears in
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Voice Actor EN
Release Date
Addition Date
A cruel member of the Black Fang assassins. Lends her service only to someone truly perfect.
In‐game Hero description


All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works.

Level 1 stats

3Icon Rarity 3.png15673738
4Icon Rarity 4.png15683840
5Icon Rarity 5.png16784843

Level 40 stats

3Icon Rarity 3.png3225281626127
4Icon Rarity 4.png3326301728134
5Icon Rarity 5.png3529321930145

Growth Points

This set of values determines how much each stat will increase from level 1 to level 40, see stat growth.

Stats between level 1 and 40

For stat values between level 1 and 40, see this page.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Skill Weapon.pngWeapons[edit | edit source]

NameMightRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Blárwolf62Effective against cavalry foes.2004Icon Rarity 4.png3Icon Rarity 3.png
Blárwolf+102Effective against cavalry foes.300--
Blárwolf+ can be evolved into Keen Blárwolf+.

Icon Skill Assist.pngAssists[edit | edit source]

This hero has no Assist skills.

Icon Skill Special.pngSpecials[edit | edit source]

NameCooldownEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Rising Thunder4Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res).1504Icon Rarity 4.png-
Growing Thunder4Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area around target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res).300-4Icon Rarity 4.png

Icon Skill Passive.pngPassives[edit | edit source]

NameEffectSP CostUnlockType
Death Blow 1If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+2 during combat.50-A
Death Blow 2If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+4 during combat.1004Icon Rarity 4.png
Death Blow 3If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6 during combat.2005Icon Rarity 5.png
Threaten Res 1At start of turn, inflicts Res-3 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions.50-C
Threaten Res 2At start of turn, inflicts Res-4 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions.100-
Threaten Res 3At start of turn, inflicts Res-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions.2004Icon Rarity 4.png

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