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BEFORE Palla Sisterly Trio Face FC.webpMerric Changing Winds Face FC.webpMarth Legacied Hero Face FC.webpCaeda Princess of Talys Face FC.webpMinerva Princess-Knight Face FC.webp
SUMMER Ylgr Breaking the Ice Face FC.webpGunnthra Beaming Smile Face FC.webpHelbindi Seaside Scourge Face FC.webpLaegjarn Burning Sun Face FC.webpLaevatein Bonfires Blaze Face FC.webp Tiki Beachside Scion Face FC.webpLinde Summer Rays Face FC.webp Lilina Beachside Bloom Face FC.webpWolt Sunbeam Archer Face FC.webp Lyn Lady of the Beach Face FC.webpUrsula Clear-Blue Crow Face FC.webpFiora Defrosted Illian Face FC.webp Tana Noble and Nimble Face FC.webpInnes Flawless Form Face FC.webp Frederick Horizon Watcher Face FC.webpGaius Thief Exposed Face FC.webpTiki Summering Scion Face FC.webpRobin Seaside Tactician Face FC.webpCordelia Knight Paradise Face FC.webpNoire Shade Seeker Face FC.webp Corrin Novice Vacationer Face FC.webpElise Tropical Flower Face FC.webpLeo Seashores Prince Face FC.webpXander Student Swimmer Face FC.webpCamilla Tropical Beauty Face FC.webpTakumi Prince at Play Face FC.webp
BON Elincia Estival Princess Face FC.webpMicaiah Summers Dawn Face FC.webp Xander Dancing Knight Face FC.webp Ryoma Dancing Samurai Face FC.webp
SPRING Alfonse Spring Prince Face FC.webpSharena Spring Princess Face FC.webpBruno Masked Hare Face FC.webpVeronica Spring Princess Face FC.webpLoki Spring Trickster Face FC.webp Catria Spring Whitewing Face FC.webpPalla Eldest Bun-Bun Face FC.webpEst Springtime Flier Face FC.webp Idunn Dragonkin Duo Face FC.webpNarcian Vernal General Face FC.webpBartre Earsome Warrior Face FC.webpFir Student of Spring Face FC.webp Marisa Crimson Rabbit Face FC.webp Chrom Spring Exalt Face FC.webpLucina Spring Exalt Face FC.webp Camilla Spring Princess Face FC.webpXander Spring Prince Face FC.webpKagero Spring Ninja Face FC.webp
WINTER Marth Royal Altean Duo Face FC.webp Fae Holiday Dear Face FC.webp Nino Flower of Frost Face FC.webpJaffar Angel of Night Face FC.webpZephiel Winters Crown Face FC.webp Eirika Gentle as Snow Face FC.webpEphraim Sparkling Gallantly Face FC.webp Chrom Gifted Leader Face FC.webpTharja Normal Girl Face FC.webpRobin Festive Tactician Face FC.webpLissa Pure Joy Face FC.webpCecilia Festive Instructor Face FC.webp Sothis Silver Specter Face FC.webp
HALLOWEEN Dorcas Pumpkin Smasher Face FC.webpHector Dressed-Up Duo Face FC.webp Myrrh Spooky Monster Face FC.webpDozla Harvest Attendant Face FC.webpLArachel Harvest Princess Face FC.webp Rolf Tricky Archer Face FC.webpIlyana Treat Harvester Face FC.webp Mia Moonlit Witch Face FC.webp Henry Happy Vampire Face FC.webpNowi Eternal Witch Face FC.webp Sakura Gentle Nekomata Face FC.webpJakob Devoted Monster Face FC.webpNiles Forbidden Tease Face FC.webpKagero Beverage Ninja Face FC.webp
VALENTINE Alm Lovebird Duo Face FC.webpConrad Unmasked Knight Face FC.webpFaye Drawn Heartstring Face FC.webpRudolf Emperor of Rigel Face FC.webpSilque Selfless Cleric Face FC.webp Roy Youthful Gifts Face FC.webpLilina Blush of Youth Face FC.webp Hector Just Here to Fight Face FC.webpLyn Winds Embrace Face FC.webpEliwood Devoted Love Face FC.webp Titania Warm Knight Face FC.webpSoren Addled Strategist Face FC.webpGreil Heroic Exemplar Face FC.webpIke Stalwart Heart Face FC.webpMist Purest Spirit Face FC.webp
NEWYEAR Fjorm New Traditions Face FC.webpGunnthra Years First Dream Face FC.webpHrid Resolute Prince Face FC.webpLaegjarn New Experiences Face FC.webpLaevatein Kumade Warrior Face FC.webpEir Renewed Life Face FC.webpAlfonse Askran Duo Face FC.webpAnna Wealth-Wisher Face FC.webp Lethe New Years Claw Face FC.webp Azura Celebratory Spirit Face FC.webpCamilla Holiday Traveler Face FC.webpTakumi Prince of Soup Face FC.webpCorrin Enjoying Tradition Face FC.webpSelkie New Years Spirit Face FC.webp
ONSEN Camilla Steamy Secrets Face FC.webpRyoma Samurai at Ease Face FC.webpSakura Hot-Spring Healer Face FC.webpHinoka Relaxed Warrior Face FC.webpElise Bubbling Flower Face FC.webp
PICNIC Genny Dressed with Care Face FC.webpLukas Buffet for One Face FC.webp Felicia Off the Menu Face FC.webpFlora Signature Dish Face FC.webpLeo Extra Tomatoes Face FC.webp
BRIDE Fjorm Bride of Rime Face FC.webp Caeda Talyss Bride Face FC.webpMarth Altean Groom Face FC.webp Lyn Bride of the Plains Face FC.webpNinian Bright-Eyed Bride Face FC.webpPent Fancy Fiance Face FC.webpLouise Eternal Devotion Face FC.webp Tanith Forthright Heart Face FC.webpSanaki Apostle in White Face FC.webpSigrun Steadfast Bride Face FC.webp Micaiah Dawn Winds Duo Face FC.webpNailah Blessed Queen Face FC.webpRafiel Blessed Wings Face FC.webp Tharja Obsessive Bride Face FC.webpCordelia Perfect Bride Face FC.webp Charlotte Money Maiden Face FC.webpHinata Samurai Groom Face FC.webpOboro Fierce Bride-to-Be Face FC.webp
DANCE Berkut Debonair Noble Face FC.webpRinea Reminiscent Belle Face FC.webp Ishtar Thunders Waltz Face FC.webpReinhardt Lightnings Rondo Face FC.webp Nephenee Sincere Dancer Face FC.webp Inigo Indigo Dancer Face FC.webpOlivia Festival Dancer Face FC.webp Azura Lady of Ballads Face FC.webpShigure Dark Sky Singer Face FC.webp
DREAM Azura Young Songstress Face FC.webpCamilla Flower of Fantasy Face FC.webpCorrin Dream Prince Face FC.webpCorrin Dream Princess Face FC.webpMikoto Caring Mother Face FC.webp
POPULARITY Veronica Brave Princess Face FC.webp Celica Warrior Priestess Face FC.webpAlm Imperial Ascent Face FC.webp Roy Brave Lion Face FC.webp Lyn Brave Lady Face FC.webpHector Brave Warrior Face FC.webpEliwood Marquess Pherae Face FC.webp Ephraim Sacred Twin Lord Face FC.webp Ike Brave Mercenary Face FC.webp Micaiah Queen of Dawn Face FC.webp Lucina Brave Princess Face FC.webp Camilla Light of Nohr Face FC.webp
DARK Hardin Dark Emperor Face FC.webpTiki Torpid Dragon Face FC.webp Celica Imprisoned Soul Face FC.webpBerkut Purgatorial Prince Face FC.webpDelthea Tatarrahs Puppet Face FC.webp Julia Heart Usurped Face FC.webp Mareeta The Blades Pawn Face FC.webp Lyon Demon King Face FC.webp Ashnard Mad King Face FC.webp Ike Zeal Unleashed Face FC.webp Robin Fell Reincarnation Face FC.webpRobin Fell Vessel Face FC.webp Takumi Empty Vessel Face FC.webpCorrin Wailing Soul Face FC.webpCorrin Bloodbound Beast Face FC.webp
LEGEND Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.webpGunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FC.webpHrid Icy Blade Face FC.webp Marth Hero-King Face FC.webpTiki Legendary Dragon Face FC.webp Alm Saint-King Face FC.webpCelica Queen of Valentia Face FC.webp Julia Crusader of Light Face FC.webp Leif Unifier of Thracia Face FC.webp Roy Blazing Lion Face FC.webp Eliwood Blazing Knight Face FC.webpHector Marquess of Ostia Face FC.webpLyn Lady of the Wind Face FC.webp Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FC.webpEphraim Legendary Lord Face FC.webp Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.webp Lucina Glorious Archer Face FC.webpChrom Crowned Exalt Face FC.webpRobin Fell Vessel Face FC.webp Ryoma Supreme Samurai Face FC.webpAzura Vallite Songstress Face FC.webp Edelgard Flame Emperor Face FC.webp
GOD Eir Merciful Death Face FC.webpThrasir Omnicidal Witch Face FC.webpPeony Sweet Dream Face FC.webpLif Lethal Swordsman Face FC.webp Naga Dragon Divinity Face FC.webp Duma God of Strength Face FC.webp Bramimond The Enigma Face FC.webp Yune Chaos Goddess Face FC.webpAltina Dawns Trueblade Face FC.webp Naga Dragon Divinity Face FC.webp Sothis Girl on the Throne Face FC.webp