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Hey there, I'm Falconpunch. I've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes since September 2018, and I've come to really love the game as much as my friends do. I've just started recently helping out the Wiki while I was waiting for Book III, Chapter 3's remaining chapters to be added, to the point where I lost all patience and told myself "Fuck it, I'll do it myself". Ever since, I've also contributed to editing out other pages to this Wiki to make sure its pages are up to code as they can be. I guess I'm a regular here, now. So...yeah. Oh, and I might as well tell you my favorite Heroes-original characters, both male and female:

Nameplate Text

Hahahaha! I am Surtr, King of Muspell, and
one of Falconpunch's favorite Heroes characters!
As all of you may know, I am
one of the most hated people in
the game. This whelp however, doesn't!
Our unbreakable bond will conquest shall be the
end of-
Falconpunch Okay, that's quite enough, Surtr...
But he's right. Villain-wise, Surtr is definitely my
favorite by far.
He's just so badass, and a force to be
reckoned with.
As for my favorite female Heroes character, it's...

Me. Laevatein.
No, I'M Falconpunch's favorite female character!
Umm... Is this a bad time, Falconpunch?
Falconpunch All right, fine... Maybe I like more than one
character about the same amount...
I'm so terrible at choosing just one
girl I like the most... Fucking kill me...

Did somebody ask for me to kill them?
Falconpunch Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me...
Anyway, welcome to my profile.
Feel free to hang out here all you want.

Want to add me in Fire Emblem Heroes? Here's my ID: 8040748815

Favorite Heroes: Florina, Maribelle, Lilina, Tailtiu, Surtr

Hated Heroes: Reinhardt, Brave Lyn, Performing Arts Azura, Hostile Springs Camilla (or Camilla in general, but this one took the cake)

Waiting For: Rinkah, Mitama, Hel