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Fire Emblem Heroes font source

The REAL Shigure

Passive name to wiki Passive group title[edit | edit source]

def skill_to_wiki(name)
    .gsub('/', ' ')                 # avoid making subpages
    .gsub(' +', ' Plus ')           # plus passives
    .gsub(/ \d$/, '')               # remove skill rank
    .gsub(/\bAtk\b/, 'Attack')      # expand stat abbreviations
    .gsub(/\bSpd\b/, 'Speed')
    .gsub(/\bDef\b/, 'Defense')
    .gsub(/\bRes\b/, 'Resistance')
    .gsub(/\bExp\.$/, 'Experience') # expand exp abbreviation
    .gsub(/^R\b/, 'Red')            # expand color abbreviations
    .gsub(/^B\b/, 'Blue')
    .gsub(/^G\b/, 'Green')
    .gsub(/^C\b/, 'Colorless')
    .gsub(/^(HP|Attack|Speed|Defense|Resistance) (HP|Attack|Speed|Defense|Resistance)$/, '\1 \2 Plus') # fix compound plus passives

MSID to skill page name exceptions[edit | edit source]

MSID Skill name
MSID_ファルシオン Falchion (Mystery)
MSID_ファルシオン外伝 Falchion (Gaiden)
MSID_ファルシオン覚醒 Falchion (Awakening)
MSID_レーヴァテイン Laevatein (weapon)
MSID_ミステルトィン Missiletainn (sword)
MSID_魔書ミステルトィン Missiletainn (tome)