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For use inside User:HertzDevil/EnemyAITable to define a single unit entry that belongs to a movement group. Enclose entries using User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroup.

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • slot: Internal slot index of the unit entry (or slot order if not known)
  • unit: Full name of the unit
  • start: Start turn of the unit entry (optional)
  • spawn: Spawn settings of the unit entry (optional)
  • notes: Other notes (optional)

Example[edit | edit source]

{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroupRow|slot=1|unit=Caeda: Talys's Heart|start=Turn 2}}
{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroupRow|slot=2|unit=Maria: Minerva's Sister|notes=Treats breakable terrain as walls<br />Returns to starting position if unit has no actions to make}}
{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroupRow|slot=3|unit=Black Knight: Sinister General|spawn=Reinforcement (x1), Turn 3}}
Group Index Unit Start turn Spawn settings Notes
1 #? ??? - Initial unit -
#1 Caeda: Talys's Heart Turn 2 Initial unit -
#2 Maria: Minerva's Sister - Initial unit Treats breakable terrain as walls
Returns to starting position if unit has no actions to make
#3 Black Knight: Sinister General - Reinforcement (x1), Turn 3 -

See AI for a detailed description of the enemy movement and reinforcement settings.

See also[edit | edit source]

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