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Template-info.svg Documentation

Defines enemy AI settings in a tabular format.

Example[edit | edit source]

AI settings for A Desperate Pursuit:

{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroupRow|slot=3|unit=Leon: True of Heart|start=1 turn after group is engaged}}
{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroupRow|slot=4|unit=Axe Fighter|start=After group is engaged}}
{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIGroupRow|slot=5|unit=Lance Flier|start=Turn 2 or after group is engaged}}
{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIRow|slot=1|unit=Saber: Driven Mercenary}}
{{User:HertzDevil/EnemyAIRow|slot=2|unit=Sonya: Vengeful Mage|start=Turn 3}}
Group Index Unit Start turn Spawn settings Notes
1 #3 Leon: True of Heart 1 turn after group is engaged Initial unit -
#4 Axe Fighter After group is engaged Initial unit -
#5 Lance Flier Turn 2 or after group is engaged Initial unit -
- #1 Saber: Driven Mercenary - Initial unit -
- #2 Sonya: Vengeful Mage Turn 3 Initial unit -

See AI for a detailed description of the enemy movement and reinforcement settings.

Entry format[edit | edit source]

  • Group / Index: Sort by movement group first, sort by slot index within each group
  • Unit: Always use full names (Character: Epithet for heroes)
  • Start turn: For ungrouped units use Turn ? or omit this parameter, for units within movement groups use one of the following:
    • After group is engaged
    • Turn ? or after group is engaged
    • ? turn(s) after group is engaged
    • Turn ? or ? turn(s) after group is engaged
  • Spawn settings: Omit or use one of the following:
    • Reinforcement (x?), Turn ?
    • Reinforcement (x?), ??? absent
    • Reinforcement (x?), ? ??? unit(s) killed
    • Reinforcement (x?), Turn ? or later, ??? absent
    • Reinforcement (x?), Turn ? or later, ? ??? unit(s) killed
  • Notes: Omit or use one or more of the following separated with <br />:
    • Treats breakable terrain as walls
    • Returns to starting position if unit has no actions to make

Everything except the first two columns is tentative and subject to simplifications.

See also[edit | edit source]