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This template is still under building. The main goal is to reproduce something similar to in-game unit data.
You can use this template on your own page and improve it if you can.

Format[edit | edit source]

All parameters are optional. However, stats need rarity and level to be calculate.

{{User:Pival13/UnitData|unit=|rarity=|level=|merge=|dragonflower=|blessing=|support=|ssupport=|pair up=|accessory=|asset=|flaw=|HM=|PA=|weapon=|refine=|assist=|special=|a=|b=|c=|seal=}}

Put it in a table if you want to add several unit together.

Parameter explanations[edit | edit source]

  • unit: Page name of the unit.
  • rarity: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
  • level: Unit level,between 1 and 50.
  • merge: For merge unit which are NOT at level 40, the amount of merge.
  • dragonflower: The amount of dragonflower.
  • blessing: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Astra, or Anima
  • support: The page name of the support unit and its rank, comma separeted. (default to S)
  • ssupport: Summoner name and rank of the summoner support, comma separeted. (default to S).
  • pair up: The page name of the pair unit.
  • accessory: The page name of the accessory.
  • asset, flaw: HP, Atk, Spd, Def, or Res
  • HM, PA: The amount of HM and PA of the unit.
  • weapon: The page name of the weapon, not the weapon name. (Example: Falchion (Mystery) and Laevatein (weapon) differ in weapon name and page name.)
  • refine: Skill1, Skill2, Atk, Spd, Def, or Res
  • assist: The name of the assist, not the page name.
  • special: The name of the special, not the page name.
  • a, b, c, seal: The name of the skill, not the page name.

Examples[edit | edit source]

|{{User:Pival13/UnitData|unit=Eliwood: Blazing Knight|rarity=5|level=50|dragonflower=10|support=Alfonse: Prince of Askr,A|ssupport=Kiran,S|pair up=Sharena: Princess of Askr|accessory=Head-Orb|HM=9999|PA=6000|asset=Atk|flaw=HP|weapon=Ardent Durandal|assist=Rally Spd/Res+|special=Aether|a=Death Blow 4|b=Desperation 3|c=Vision of Arcadia|seal=Heavy Blade 3}}
|{{User:Pival13/UnitData|unit=Sharena: Princess of Askr|rarity=5|level=40|accessory=Tinted Glasses EX|asset=HP|flaw=Def|weapon=Fensalir|refine=Skill1|assist=Rally Attack|a=Speed +3|c=Fortify Def 3}}
|{{User:Pival13/UnitData|unit=Kiran: Summoner|level=0|weapon=Breidablik}}
Eliwood Blazing Knight Face.webpTutorial Scroll.png

Blazing Knight

Icon Support Summoner S.pngIcon Support Ally A.png
Icon LegendWindBtl.webpUnit Btl.png
Icon Class Red Sword.png LV. 40+10 Icon Move Cavalry.pngAccessory Type hair.png Dragonflower C.png+10
HP 48
Atk 67
Spd 42
Def 41
Res 24
PA 9999
MH 6000
Ardent Durandal
Rally Spd/Res+
Death Blow 4
Desperation 3
Vision of Arcadia
Heavy Blade 3
Sharena Princess of Askr Face.webpTutorial Scroll.png

Princess of Askr

Icon Class Blue Lance.png LV. 40 Icon Move Infantry.pngAccessory Type mask.png
HP 49
Atk 48
Spd 35
Def 25
Res 22
Rally Attack
Speed +3
Fortify Def 3
400pxTutorial Scroll.png


LV. 0
HP ??
Atk ??
Spd ??
Def ??
Res ??
400pxTutorial Scroll.png

LV. 1
HP ??
Atk ??
Spd ??
Def ??
Res ??

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