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Guidelines[edit source]

Regarding your recent page blanking of the guidelines, if you have any concerns or problems with the guidelines feel free to voice your concerns on its talk page. I am not exactly sure which part you think is rude, as you blanked even inoffensive parts like editing user pages, which was designed to allow users to not interfere with each other's pages. However looking at your past contributions it seems you have a problem with the future-proofing section. Feel free to hold a discussion on what your reasoning on why you think it, or anything else, is wrong in the talk page. We're here to build a collaborative encyclopedia, not to "be dicks". Don't take edit reverts personally, they aren't there to attack you and everybody has had their edits reverted before. We'll listen to what you say and either accept it or show you why it can't be done, but only if you say something. Endilyn (talk) 19:41, 24 February 2019 (UTC)