Ver. 2.9.1 Released (Notification)

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Ver. 2.9.1 Released

We have released Ver. 2.9.1 of Fire Emblem Heroes. The following changes were made to the game:

・ Fixed an issue with the upcoming Forging Bonds event.
・ Fixed an issue with the Trilemma+ weapon skill.
・ Fixed an issue with how points are displayed in the Voting Gauntlet event.

Please update your app by

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Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game!

We have just released Ver. 2.9.1. The changes are as follows:

・ Fixed an issue with the upcoming Forging Bonds event.
・ Fixed an issue where enemies affected by the Trilemma+ weapon skill also gained Special cooldown count-1.
・ Fixed an issue with the display of Voting Gauntlet points that occurred in Ver. 2.9.0.

As of approximately , players will need to have updated to version 2.9.1 of Fire Emblem Heroes in order to continue playing.

We appreciate your continued support of Fire Emblem Heroes.

・ Your game's version can be seen in the bottom-left corner of the title screen.
・ If the game is not updated correctly, use the update function in your device's app store.
・ If the game is not connected to a Nintendo Account and you uninstall the game, your save data will be lost.

・ If you open the Fire Emblem Heroes game with ver. 2.9.0 or earlier after , you will be guided to your device's app store to update it.