Ver. 4.1.1 Released (Update) (Notification)

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Ver. 4.1.1 Released (Update)
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Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game! Here's an update from the Fire Emblem Heroes development team.

Updating to Ver. 4.1.1, which addresses an issue with Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger's weapon skill Sabertooth Fang that occurred in Ver. 4.1.0, was made mandatory a short while ago.

In addition to the above, this update also addresses an issue that made it possible to equip multiple Heroes with the same Sacred Seal. After applying the Ver. 4.1.1 update, if two or more Heroes are equipped with the same Sacred Seal, then that Sacred Seal will be removed from all but one of the Heroes to whom it was equipped.

Since this may result in an unfair advantage over other players in the Arena and Aether Raids if left unresolved, we made the update mandatory.

We hope you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes.