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The Welcome-Back Gift is a feature designed for players who haven't played Fire Emblem Heroes in a while. If a player log-ins the game after a period of 30 days of inactivity, Sharena Princess of Askr Face FC.webp Sharena: Princess of Askr will greet the player with a welcome back message, and gift them with 20  Orbs.

Welcome-Back Message[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Hi, [Summoner]! I'm so happy to see you!
I'm so glad to see you doing well. I was a little bit worried that something had happened to you...
I guess I can stop worrying! I hope you'll pitch in on the battlefield. We could really use your help!
Nameplate Text

[Summoner]さんっ! 会いに来てくれたんですね。 嬉しいです!
ご無事で良かったです。 あなたの身に何かあったらって、 わたし、心配で…
えへへ、でも安心しました。 これからも、 よろしくお願いしますね!

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